Organic olive oil

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Try our organic olive oil that is 100% organically produced in the land of Abruzzo. It is made from the olives Leccino, Gentile, Ogliarola in the land of Abruzzo. It has a sweet and fruity aftertaste that perfectly suits all kinds of cooking. Read more down below on why you should buy our organic olive oil.

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Why shop our Olive oil?

Always quality – At MyParmesan we are all well aware of the difference between olive oil of great quality and worse quality. Therefore we only buy from suppliers in Italy that can offer us the best quality, always.

Health benefits – An olive oil of great quality offers not only a great taste but also a way to a healthier life. Great olive oil contains vitamins such as vitamin A, D, and E that COULD reduce your cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart diseases. And we do in fact sell great olive oil.

Organic olive oil – Our organic olive oil is produced in an organic way without any chemical contribution whatsoever. It has a green with golden yellow reflection. The aftertaste is sweet and fruity.

Fast shipping – Fast shipping is something we value highly. We want our customers to get their parmesan almost as fast as if they would go to the marketplace and shop.  If you order in the morning you will even get your product the day after.

Customer service – We are always alert if our customers would have any problems with shipping or the product itself. We always reply on the same day and will compensate you if needed.

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