Parmigiano Container

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Now you can finally store your parmesan cheese in a nice container that vacuum seals. Never again wonder how you should store the parmesan. Cut the parmesan cheese into pieces or grate it, put it in the container, press the big button to vacuum seal, and then store the container in your refrigerator. Easy as that!

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Why use this product?

Storage – A smart and convenient way to store your parmesan cheese.

Long lifetime – Since this container is a vacuum-sealed container the taste and quality of your parmesan cheese will last even longer.

Appearance – The container has a clean and simple look that will fit perfectly in your refrigerator.

Easy to use – Open the container, fill it up, seal, and unseal the container by using the two buttons. The small button fills the container with air and the big one empties the container with air.


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