Balsamic vinegar

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Try our delicious Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP. The IGP label means that the production has taken place in the Modena region. In addition, it must contain a certain amount of vinegar aged for 10 years in order to be classified as IGP. It has a delicious sweet taste to it that can help you become more creative in the kitchen.

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Why shop our Balsamic vinegar?

Easy to use – A balsamic vinegar is for most people ideal to use on meat, risotto, salads, and parmesan cheese. We recommend you to be creative and use it for more. It is fantastic to drizzle over strawberries and ice cream!

Great taste – This balsamic vinegar is produced and aged in barrels made of fine woods such as oak and chestnut. This gives the balsamic vinegar a unique sweet taste of quality from Modena.

Fast shipping – Fast shipping is something we value highly. We want our customers to get their product almost as fast as if they would go to the marketplace and shop.  If you order in the morning you will even get your product the day after.

Customer service – We are always alert if our customers would have any problems with shipping or the product itself. We always reply on the same day and will compensate you if needed.

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250 ml, King Gran Riserva


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